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The distribution of the Airbnb offering varies greatly among Italian cities. Florence has most of its listings concentrated in the historical centre, and very few in the rest of town. Rome, similarly, has a substantial concentration of tourist flats in the central Municipio, where all the iconic attractions are. At the same time a high number of rentals are offered in the Vatican area and in the youthful San Lorenzo district.
Milan departs from this model, showing a much more sprawling distribution of airbnb properties. Here the centre of town is mostly a business district, with few tourist rentals. The fashionable districts of Isola and Navigli are where most airbnb offerings concentrate. In this regard Milan is more reminding of European capitals like London and Berlin, with recognizable and attractive districts outside of the centre.

In the picture below every bar corresponds to a census area, their altitude represents the number of airbnb listings per square kilometre, their colour represents the absolute number of listings.